NDC Sydney

Developer To Architect

Full Abstract Becoming a software architect is a longed-for career upgrade for many software developers. While the job title suggests a work day focused on technical decision-making, the reality is quite different. In this workshop, software architect Nathaniel Schutta constructs a real world job description in which communication trumps coding. Discover the skill sets needed to juggle multiple priorities, meetings, and time demandsLearn why your best team leadership tool is not a hammer, but a shared cup of coffeeHear the best ways to give and take criticismUnderstand the necessity of writing effective email and formal architecture documentsGet tips for delivering confident career-building presentations to any audienceReview essential techniques for stakeholder management and relationship buildingExplore the critical needs for architecture reviews and an effective process for conducting themThrough lecture and small group exercises, Nathaniel will help you understand what it means to be a successful architect.

Architecting for the ilities

Full Abstract As a developer, your focus was squarely on the “functional requirements” aka the business capabilities your application must meet. But once you step in the architect role, you discover a world inhabited by “the ilities” otherwise known as the non functional or quality attributes of a software system. But how do we know which ilities matter and which ones don’t? And much as we may want to turn every knob up to 11, many ilities are inversely related - maximize one and you by definition minimize another.